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Alumni are an important constituent of an institution of higher learning. Hundreds of proud alumni from VYAS play a central role in almost every sphere of life in India and abroad. Very large numbers of alumni of VYAS have distinguished themselves at various levels- academics, civil services, corporate services, research, sports, business, etc. It is a matter of pride and honour for VYAS to have such eminent alumni. They all carry with them a very special and unique experience.

VYAS Alumni Association

  • The main components of the VYAS Alumina Association is to enable alumni, students, faculty and staff to maintain their contact with the college and each other for their shared benefit and for the vital support and development of VYAS.

  • VYAS Alumni Association helps in imparting a sense of cooperation and healthy understanding among the old students, present students and faculty of VYAS to maintain the pride of our Alma Mater.

  • The Association aims to keep the Alumni connected to the College via events, guest lectures, reunions and networking opportunities.

  • It encourages the Alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the work and progress of the University so as to contribute towards the enhancement of the social utility of their Alma Mater.

  • It also honours the distinguished Alumni and provides a forum for the alumni for exchange of ideas and views on educational, cultural, social and academic affairs of the day

  • VYAS Alumni Association provides opportunities for the growth of professional fraternity bonds between the ‘alma mater’, past and present scholars of the institute.

  • VYAS Alumni Association facilitates and encourages alumni to contribute towards improvement in the status of institute in areas pertaining to academics, infrastructure, industry interactions and any other area that the alumni and the institute feel appropriate