Chairman's Message

You dream, we have the power to shape it. . .

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Rajasthan Vikas Sansthan (RVS), a new blooming educational hub. RVS was established with the aim of providing qualitative higher education and install high standards of discipline by making students technically superior and ethically strong those who, in turn, will improve the quality of human life.

Every successful organization has some unique characteristics and which set it apart from the rest. These features are encapsulated in two words, "WE CREATE". This is evident as RVS applies its concentration on three unique facets of the student’s persona, viz knowledge, skills and positive attitude.

The Rajasthan Vikas Sansthan is here to provide a platform for exploring student's hidden talent to achieve the pinnacle of life under the umbrella of Vyas Institutes of Higher Education popularly known as VIHE.

I invite you to visit our magnificent campus, inspect our state-of-the-art facilities, meet and discuss with students and faculty to discover, why have so many bright students made Vyas Institutes of Higher Education their Primary choice.

To the people who don't know where they want to go. There is a favorable wind here.

Cordially yours,
Manish Vyas
Founder & Chairman